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FOX News
Feb 25, 2013 6:00am PST
of severe weather. some thunderstorms out here across new orleans, jackson, mississippi, southern panhandle and georgia and alabama could look at isolated tornados, damaging wind gusts and isolated hail from some of the storms. be careful if you live out in the area. we're seeing a possibility of severe weather. heavy rain expected across portions of georgia where we have the drought conditions. flooding is a concern. otherwise temperatures in florida, i want to point this out, tampa could see a high of 81 degrees. orlando could see a high temperature of 87. just shy of 90. martha: when you look across the map that looks like the place to be. 81 and sunny in tampa, we'll take it. lucky folks down there. thank you, maria. bill: this year's snowfall is on path to shatter records. kansas city is close to breaking a record of 20.7 inches. that record was set back in 1960. for comparison sake, they received only eight inches of snow a year ago. city of the wichita, kansas, experiencing some of the highest snowfall on record. 14.2 inches in just over two days there. martha: new hampshire also see
FOX News
Feb 27, 2013 6:00am PST
in the henry jackson so side looked at the court records of those convicted of terrorism in the united states since the mid 1990s, and al-qaida terrorism. and the conclusions were surprising. over half of these individuals were american citizens. 60% of them had at least a college degree. 60% of them were working or in school at the time of their act, at the time of their arrest. and about 25% of them were actually converts to islam. this kind of cuts against the grain of the general impression with regard to the domestic threat, with regard to the selfradicalized threat. in that sense it's really important information. martha: you're describing these people as sort of established in this country to some extent. >> right, successful. martha: not wandering and susceptible and vulnerable to someone swaying them into doing something. very deliberate and determined. how do we find these people and stop them from doing what they want to pull off? >> that's why this report is so very important. we have large ethic communities, we called them heritage communities when i was at cia in dearborn, michi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)